Synopsis of Waking in the Dreamtime

The Mayans say that if you are not walking with one foot in the Dreamtime and one foot in the Waking World, you are limping. In her book, Catherine demonstrates how someone from our modern world can become conversant with both the rational and the shamanic way of seeing. By the end of the book, she shows how spirituality can be the missing link in our collective and individual healing process.

Catherine is a highly sensitive and empathic person as well as a practical, realistic, and logical thinker. She evolves from an isolated child to an inspiring woman who learns how to embrace her empathic nature while walking in the material world.

Catherine’s story takes us from her troubled childhood to an awakening into higher awareness as a teen, where her life launches into a search for meaning and happiness. She travels through mystical experiences with obscure tribes in various parts of the world, including the Hopi of Arizona, the Fore people of Papua New Guinea, and a spiritual group in the Brazilian Amazon. You will be enchanted by her unusual adventures and creative approach to life, as well as her acceptance of setbacks, and her undaunted perseverance. All of these experiences ultimately bring her to a place of peace and understanding.

Join Catherine in this foray into the Dreamtime with tales of wisdom, mysticism, and the art of being human, along the ever-evolving spiritual path.