Shark Tooth Eyes – In Chapter 6

Mandala 4

During this period of learning to lead sweat lodges, I continued my practice of going into nature, just as I’d been doing since I was a child. As a teen, I had a Jeep and often drove off-road into the desert. Under the magnificent New Mexican vistas, a thin film of desert dust coated my feet when I walked barefoot. For me, the dust was symbolic of my connection to nature. I wore it and the calluses on the bottoms of my feet like a badge. Now, however, there was a new element in my adventures. I was exploring New Mexico’s landscape through the lens of the Dreamtime, where everything had meaning and value.

Once I was up in the mountains walking along a creek trail, when I undeniably “heard” the creek calling me. I walked over and squatted next to the water to see what the creek wanted.

It said, “Look! Over here I make this little sound over the rocks, but here I’m smooth and quiet. And over here I split apart and go on either side of this big rock.” Every seemingly mundane object in nature now had a personal voice, and I listened.

As I continued my time with Arturo and Margarita, the space around the sweat lodge was laid out in the form of a medicine wheel, marked by the four directions and found objects of nature, of beauty, and of spiritual significance. The Rio Puerco valley just west of Albuquerque was a treasure trove of these kinds of objects. I found selenite crystals, ocean fossils, authentic shark’s teeth, and unusual rock formations, such as strange rocks made from bubbles of iron. When these bubbles broke open, sand fell out and they were like bowls that fit back together perfectly. In the same area, I found little round marble rocks. I have a number of “bowls” filled with “marbles” in my home to this day.

7 Bubble Rock open w shark teeth                

Bubble Rock with Marble Rocks, Shark Teeth, and Other Fossils

On these excursions I developed a way of seeing that I called “shark tooth eyes”. I could go for some time without seeing any shark’s teeth, but as soon as I saw the first one, I saw them everywhere and would spend the rest of the day collecting them. It became synonymous with a kind of laser beam focus.