Samadhi, Humility, and Peace

Mandala 6

In the book, Waking in the Dreamtime, I describe the Dreamtime as being a middle space between the manifest world and the Divine, where the Divine gets translated into words and thoughts, and images for human consumption. Words are only symbols for the Light and symbols are open to interpretation.

In retrospect I see that, early on, my experience of the Dreamtime was frequently bogged down in what I call its lower levels, the denser, heavier part that is closest to the material world.

With regular spiritual practice over the years my experience in meditation and in my daily life began to “lighten up”. One element of my spiritual practice is participating in activities that “lift my spirit”. Engaging in community activities like social gatherings, volunteering to serve on committees handling various orders of business, actively choosing to do uplifting work, which contradicts the tendency to isolate. I also find that singing with groups of people who like to harmonize for the sheer joy of it, is guaranteed to lift my spirit. At some point I began to experience more Light and joy in my life.

I know people who have the facility to leap out past the dreamtime into a direct experience of the Divine. Some would call this Samadhi, a Sanskrit term that refers to a state of consciousness that lies beyond waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and the mind. This state may last for a brief moment, or for days and even weeks in rare instances as with certain Hindu saints. Samadhi requires a degree of mental concentration that can be arrived at through meditation or other spiritual practices such as the use of plant sacrament in the context of a spiritual discipline. The ability to go to that place is a reflection of the spiritual degree of the person. It is my understanding that the spiritual degree of a person is a reflection of the spiritual work (clearing away of illusion and attachment) that a person has done over many, many lifetimes. Over many years in my particular spiritual practice I have made measurable progress in extricating myself from the darker heavier aspect of my psyche and have had some experiences that I would describe as further along on the continuum to Samadhi. Samadhi, however, is not necessarily the goal for me. I am more interested in experiencing the presence of the Divine in the mundane moments in my life. These days I am feeling inspired to write about what I have learned in my life. I feel linked to something bigger then myself in this work. Inspiration, in my experience, is (or can be) of the Divine. I have to be very carefully not to let my ego get carried away, thinking the inspired thoughts are coming from it. This confusion of the ego can, and does, ruin everything.  It is a trick to keep the ego in its proper place. This is humility.

Humility and Samadhi are related. humility is honoring and respecting the “Truth” about ourselves, where we really are on the continuum, not where our egos would like to believe we are. My understanding of humility is that it is reality. When I get real, that is, when I wake up to how small we humans are and how little we really know about what is going on, that is when I can begin to contemplate the state of Samadhi or enlightenment. It is important to remember how small I am and to honor and respect that. That is the closest I come to having peace which is also related to Samadhi.