“In the opening pages you meet Catherine – a young girl who is so sensitive and vulnerable that her worldly experiences seem too much to bear. By the end of the book you come to know Catherine as a courageous woman who has learned to embrace, then celebrate her sensitivity as she employs it as a tool, a gift really, to see beyond the veil of everyday existence – to experience life as a sacred journey of discovery. She generously and honestly shares the bounty of her extraordinary encounters with indigenous people and mystical teachers from her native Southwest and around the world. Her graceful and sincere collection covers a true gamut of spiritual experiences. You accompany Catherine as she learns to listen to the signs of nature, apprentices with Shamans, leads sweat lodges, spirit dances, and other ceremonies. Its as if you are there as she shares intimate, unique experiences of connecting with others, with the Divine, and, ultimately, with herself as a spiritual being.”

~Jessica Heady, Teacher, Mother, Educational Consultant


“Join in the magical and mysterious tour of the Dreamtime with Catherine’s book. I learned about wonderful new cultures and absorbed her wisdom by following her delightful and meandering story.  Here is someone who clearly chose the road-less-traveled and that has made all the difference in her life.  Thank goodness Catherine honored her differences, she is an awakened soul who has much to share with the world.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story. ” 

~ Elizabeth Wright, Author of “I & Eye, A Guide to Vibrational Healing and My Transformational Journey to the Light.”


“Compelling, profound, and engaging. Catherine takes us on a fascinating journey of spiritual seeking. Throughout her life, she encounters a diverse cast of captivating spiritual teachers – from indigenous shamans, to birds, to Christian mystics. She digs deep into these experiences and draws from them profound insights on spirituality, life, motherhood, and acceptance. I often found myself saying “yes! that is so true!” Catherine articulates what for years I have been trying to understand. Dedicated seekers should definitely read this book!”

~ Christina SelbyConservation writer


“Catherine and mystics like Eckhart and Castaneda are taking us out of sterile, external religious experience into a deep spirituality that floods every dimension of our consciousness. Catherine carries us to a new level of presence in this extraordinary phenomenon we call life.”

 ~ William Bingham, Author, Collected Essays


“This book addresses issues I have been curious about for a long time. That is, does shamanism have a role in Western culture? How would it express itself in the modern world? Might I be able to experience the connection it offers? This book went further. It extended an invitation, perhaps a prod, to be more open to forces and realities in my life and experience that, because of my background, I have studiously ignored. There is a bullying facet to Western rationalism. I’m not destined to be a shaman. But I am sensitive and intuitive. Catherine’s book exhorts me to pay close attention to the world around me and my ability to sense things, and learn what that offers to teach me without censoring it. It is an invitation to take my sensitivities and sensibilities seriously—to open myself to a fuller understanding and freer expression of who I truly am. Thank you, Catherine.”                          

Teresa Tunick, Multimedia Artist


Enchanting. Catherine’s memoir is a portrait of how an inner world in turmoil can be set free. She paints an alluring picture of what it is like to interact with the mystical realm. Her journey is a poignant and remarkable adventure that gives us insight into the mystery that is the Dreamtime.”

~ Tatiana Pietrzak – author of The Music is Written


This book validates all highly sensitive people. Catherine shows how we can rest in the knowledge that the magic we experience in the mundane is not only real, but also vitally important for our spiritual evolution.”

-Randi Ya’el Chaikind, Author, Revelations of the Heart