Message to Highly Sensitive People

  1. Know you are not alone and you are not crazy. Being sensitive is not a disorder. It is a gift.
  2. Know that sensitivity is a prerequisite for spiritual evolution.
  3. If you are empathic as well as highly sensitive, learn to distinguish your own feelings from those of others. (See my blog article Boundaries in the Spiritual Realm.)
  4. Know that there are whole communities of people who are gentle and kind and sensitive, who are learning, like you, to be honest and vulnerable, and who will welcome you. Find them.
  5. Learn how to play and have fun. (Ski, swim, play Ping-Pong, board games. Join a singing group, dance group, writers group, and/or story-telling group. Make pottery, do beadwork, paint. Find your creative edge.)
  6. Discover how peace and equanimity are actually more entertaining than high drama and over stimulation because you can find the real magic in the Dreamtime.
  7. No matter how hard it is to trust, keep trying. Isolation, for most of us, is a downward spiral into more suffering.
  8. Honor yourself and follow your own personal muse. Never give up on learning how to love and trust and respect.
  9. Discover humility – knowing how small we are and how little we really know about this phenomenon we call life, and how much we need help and guidance from those who are ahead of us on the path, and from the Divine.
  10. Teach yourself to stop judging yourself and others. We are all doing the best we can.
  11. Don’t worry about time. You are never too old and it is never too late, and it doesn’t mean anything if it seems to be taking a long time. Time is not what we think it is.
  12. Pray for help from something wiser than you, like the Dreamtime or the Divine Intelligence that is the Universe. No matter what you call it, know that you need it, and it will help you if you ask.