Shark Tooth Eyes – In Chapter 6

During this period of learning to lead sweat lodges, I continued my practice of going into nature, just as I’d been doing since I was a child. As a teen, I had a Jeep and often drove off-road into theRead More

Lucid Dreaming – Chapter 10

I eventually became Arturo’s business manager, and organized his dream workshops. Arturo’s style of dream interpretation involved drawing your dreams, rather than writing them. It was a brilliant idea, since language, unless it is poetic, is anchored in the WakingRead More

Eugene Hasgood – Chapter 8

After I had been leading sweat lodges for a few months, Eugene Hasgood, a Navajo man, came to stay at my house for a couple of weeks. He was doing research in Albuquerque in connection with the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute,Read More