Living as a Highly Sensitive Person by Madisyn Taylor  

Aging, Wisdom, Humility, and Respect

Aging does not guarantee wisdom in all things, but even the most resistant to the maturing process will usually accumulate some wisdom. If we define wisdom as being the process of converting life experience into universally useful life lessons, itRead More

Message to Highly Sensitive People

Know you are not alone and you are not crazy. Being sensitive is not a disorder. It is a gift. Know that sensitivity is a prerequisite for spiritual evolution. If you are empathic as well as highly sensitive, learn toRead More

Enlightenment, Humility, and Peace

Humility is honoring and respecting the “Truth” about ourselves, not what our egos would like to believe. In truth, humility is reality. When I get real, that is, when I wake up to how small we humans are and how littleRead More

Samadhi, Humility, and Peace

In the book, Waking in the Dreamtime, I describe the Dreamtime as being a middle space between the manifest world and the Divine, where the Divine gets translated into words and thoughts, and images for human consumption. Words are only symbolsRead More